Fleming 55 Fly Bridge

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Re: Customised Fly Bridge and aft Cockpit cover.


The original Fly Bridge was designed by us in Fremantle and fabricated in top grade SS and the top covered in Marine Grade fabric. Clears were fitted to the front and sides with roll up screens. The aft cover was a combination of fabric and small clear screen.


Originally Tony Fleming was opposed to any “Bimini” as he believes it spoilt the lines of his 55. I assured him it would not!

On 15 July 2001 I received the following E-M from Tony Fleming:




Dear Graham,

Many thanks for the photos of the hardtop you have installed on your boat. I congratulate both you and the person whom made and installed it.  Most of these things look terrible but yours is the best I have seen on a Fleming.  I assume that it is in fact a hardtop made of fibreglass and I would be interested in obtaining more details of how it is made and how it is held in place. Anything you can let me have would be greatly appreciated.


All the hardtops we make out here tend to be very heavy but I would imagine that yours is quite light. Actually I would be interested in buying from the guy who made yours but I'm afraid that transportation costs might make that unrealistic.  Perhaps it would be OK if a bunch of them were to be nested and shipped at one go. Any ideas?  Did the maker use a mould and how is the underside finished?  If you don't mind my asking, what did it cost?


Your boat looks very nice.


Best regards, Tony Fleming



In response I advised Tony the top was designed by myself, my son, a lady friend and Kevin, a shipwright, who mocked it up several times in timber.


The finished product was not in fibre glass as Tony presumed.


We now move on to the deterioration of the fabric and clears in the tropics which caused me to design a replacement as a hard top with screens in polycarbonate in 2006 and you get what you see today as a “Customized Fleming 55” which has been enhanced with the hard foam encased cover over the aft cockpit making, in my opinion, a great boat into an even better one! You be the judge!